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When Roy “Mad Dog” Earle (Humphrey Bogart) is released from prison after serving time for bank robbery he is met by a henchman of Big Mac, a crime boss who has planned a daring jewel heist at a resort for rich tourists. Released early because of the underworld influence, Roy’s payback is doing one more job. He is joined by an inside man and a couple of young hoodlums to help him, but the girlfriend of one of them, Marie (Ida Lupino) is attracted to him, disrupting the code among thieves. When the heist goes wrong, Roy goes on the run, pursued by the police deeper into the mountainous Sierra. A man whose family fell victim to the Depression and resorted to crime, Bogart infuses the character with gallantry and strength, qualities which turned him into a movie icon. Opposite him is Ida Lupino, a compellingly good actress, director and pioneer for women in Hollywood. One of director Raoul Walsh’s finest films with superb performances, masterful filming and grand landscapes!

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