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William Friedkin's powerful film adaptation of William Peter Blatty's bestselling novel of a young girl who is possessed by a demon. The film quickly became a cultural phenomenon. 

One of the most profitable horror movies ever made, this tale of an exorcism is based loosely on actual events. When young Regan (Linda Blair) starts acting odd -- levitating, speaking in tongues -- her worried mother (Ellen Burstyn) seeks medical help, only to hit a dead end. A local priest (Jason Miller), however, thinks the girl may be seized by the devil. The priest makes a request to perform an exorcism, and the church sends in an expert (Max von Sydow) to help with the difficult job.


When a mysterious sickness causes a spate of horrifically brutal murders in a remote village, the media blames poisonous mushrooms. But detective Jong-Goo (Do Wan Kwak), whose young daughter appears afflicted, has cause to suspect an elderly stranger (Jun Kunimura) recently arrived from Japan. Despite plunging us deep into the action from the start, Na keeps us tonally off-balance for the next hour, and takes his time setting up the narrative before peeling away these ostensibly formulaic layers to reveal a far more complex blend of police procedural, visceral horror, pitch black comedy and socio-theological allegory. Builds to a climax that is both genuinely shocking and grimly inevitable. Third and most ambitious directorial effort from the director of The Chaser and The Yellow Sea.

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