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With live accompaniment from Forrester Pyke.

A crafty thief (Douglas Fairbanks) sneaks into the palace of Bagdad, where, passing himself off as a nobleman, he falls in love with the beautiful princess (Julanne Johnston). But thieves can’t simply marry princesses! A test is devised to select a husband from her many suitors; sent away to distant lands, he who finds the rarest treasure can return to marry her. On his journey our hero wanders into the "Cavern of Enchanted Trees", meets the "Old Man of the Midnight Sea", journeys to the "Abode of the Winged Horse", fights monsters and battles the army of the evil King of Ho Sho (Sojin), who will stop at nothing to claim the princess and her fortune! Fairbanks’ incredible athleticism, grace and breathtaking stunts showcase an actor at the height of his career, while this thrilling Action/ Fantasy / Drama launched the career of extraordinary director Raoul Walsh.

 “Here is magic. Here is beauty…it is a work of rare genius.” Photoplay

“A feat of motion picture art which has never been equalled. A rare, brilliant picture” The New York Times

“The Thief of Bagdad is unquestionably Fairbanks’ masterpiece.” Richard Schickel

“One of Fairbanks best, most accomplished and durable pictures” David Robinson, Sight and Sound


Forrester Pyke-Forrester has provided improvised piano accompaniment for silent movies at many venues for the last 22 years, including the Filmhouse Edinburgh, Glasgow Film Theatre and for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. He has also composed music for the Scottish Screen Film Archives, Bo'ness Hippodrome Silent Cinema Festival, Falkirk Town Hall, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Eden Court Cinema, Inverness and the Macrobert Filmhouse, Stirling. "His talent for composition and improvisational technique have wowed audiences and brought screenings of classic films vividly to life for a whole new generation of cinema goers".

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