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During the Vietnam War, the young American Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) is given the assignment to hunt down and kill one of his own: Colonel Kurtz (famously played by Marlon Brando), who has apparently gone insane, murdered hundreds of innocent people and constructed a strange kingdom for himself deep in the jungle. Willard and his crew embark on a surreal river journey to find Kurtz, meeting along the way a Lieutenant-Colonel who surfs during live combat, Playboy bunnies dropped in by helicopter to entertain rowdy troops, and the inhabitants of a French plantation trapped in colonial times. Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece was inspired by Joseph Conrad's famous novel Heart of Darkness. This film was plagued by an extraordinary script, shooting, budget an casting problems - nearly destroying the life and career of the celebrated director. An acclaimed documentary of the making of the film - Hearts of Darkness - was released in 1991 and acclaimed by Gene Siskel as 'the best film of the year'. 

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