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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 at 7.45pm
Middle East
  • Black comedy drama
  • 2004
  • Turkey
  • Colour
  • 98 mins.

Set in Ghobadi's native Kurdistan, close to the Turkey-Iran border. Soran is a 13-year-old boy who orders other children around as he installs an antenna for villagers keen to hear of Saddam's fall. Eventually, he falls for Agrin but is disturbed by her brother Henkov, who was left armless after he stepped on a landmine and who can now seemingly predict the future.

Written by Sujit R. Varma


If you are looking for yet another opinion on the propriety of the Iraq war, you won’t find it in the first film from Iraq since the war began. “Turtles Can Fly,” the gritty and compelling movie by director Bahman Ghobadi seeks not to lecture but to educate viewers about the realities of a place that sparks so much division. Instead of taking a political side, Ghobadi prefers the human side and uses the amazing story of a few individuals as a porthole to view a larger, immensely more complex picture. As he educates, Ghobadi also illuminates a much forgotten but immutable truth: the greatest suffering of any international crisis is always born by the children.

Review by Donnie Saxton on www.beyondhollywood.com


Bahman Ghobadi


Bahman Ghobadi


Soran Ebrahim, Hiresh Feyssal Rahman, Avaz Latif, Saddm Hossein Feysal,Abdol Rahman Karim