Back Dinner Rush
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Tuesday, 03 October 2006 at 8:00pm
  • Colour

This is a sublime slice of New York life from director Bob Giraldi, a veteran of over 2,500 commercials and many famous videos - including Michael Jackson's Beat It - but only two other feature films. Giraldi displays a mastery of texture and character in this delightful comedy drama set in a fashionable Manhattan restaurant. Danny Aiello exudes understated charm as the prosperous owner, who's dismayed that his family trattoria is forgoing traditional food for the flashy nouvelle cuisine that is the trademark of his talented chef son (star-in-the-making, Edoardo Ballerini). We join Aiello for one fraught night, during which he and his staff must deal with mobsters wanting a piece of the action, a demanding food critic (played by an irresistible Sandra Bernhard), a lengthy power cut and various other diversions. Filmed in Giraldi's own restaurant, this finely polished gem boasts impeccable ensemble acting, complemented by slick camerawork which gives us the best seat in the house and a plot hiding a few secret ingredients.


Bob Giraldi