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John Huston's 1981 sports-war drama Escape To Victory contains a plethora of real footballers in starring roles. Based on Zoltán Fábri's iconic Two Halves In HellEscape To Victory focuses on a group of Allied POW's, who are forced to play a rigged exhibition match of football against a German propaganda team - all the while plotting their escape from a POW camp. Escape To Victory garnered great attention upon its theatrical release in 1981, owing in no small part to the number of professional footballers that signed on to the project, including the iconic Pelé, Bobby Moore and Ossie Adrilles. And of course, Scotland's very own John Wark, an oustanding footballer in his own right with Ipswich Town and Liverpool. 

Oh and it also stars a lot of unknown actors including Michael Caine. Max Von Sydow and Sylvester Stallone....