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Famed African explorer and big game hunter Captain Spalding (Groucho Marx) goes hunting for a valuable missing painting in the home of society matron Mrs Rittenhouse (Margaret Dumont) in this madcap Marx Brothers comedy. Based on their Broadway show and a box office hit on release, Animal Crackers is full of classic one liners, physical comedy and marvellous music.

"Hooray for Captain Spaulding, the African explorer...". "Did someone call me schnorrer?" asks Groucho Marx, making one of the great cinematic entrances. A relatively straightforward film version of their Broadway hit of the same name, this has the boys helping to recover a valuable painting stolen from a gala party. It was the last Marx Brothers film to be shot in New York before they moved to Hollywood - 1929's The Cocoanuts was also filmed at Paramount's Astoria studios and a silent short from 1921 is rumoured to have been destroyed. The requirements of early sound recording render the action somewhat static, but the clowning is irresistible and Margaret Dumont is a perfect foil as Mrs Rittenhouse (did she really not know the film was a comedy?). This is the one where Groucho shoots an elephant in his pyjamas.              - Tony Sloman, Radio Times Film Guide.

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