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See the film that inspired George Lucas’s Star Wars! Two peasants in feudal Japan are returning home through war torn territory and stumble across a princess and defeated general hiding out in a mountain fortress. Tricked into helping them escape with the promise of gold and pursued by the enemy, all are tested in this epic adventure. Akira Kurosawa’s characteristic humour and compassion combine with breath-taking action in one of his best loved and most influential films.



A monumental hospital-for-the poor based melodrama set in 19th century Japan, directed by legendary director Akira Kurosawa. An ageing doctor (nicknamed Red Beard, played by Toshiro Mifune) gradually instils into his young and ambitious new intern the rewards of working in the poorer sections of the community. The film bowls along magnificently in a strange yet compelling mixture of genuine emotion, absurdity and poetic fantasy and clearly shows Kurosawa’s humanitarian tendencies, without wallowing in sentimentality. The period recreation of 19th century Japan is matchless and Mifune's retrained yet towering central performance impresses. Although a huge success in Japan, and after a run of 16 straight films, this would prove to be the last time the legendary pairing of Kurosawa and Mifune would work together – the film took two years to shoot,  Mifune had to keep his (real!) beard for that two years, thus having to turn down many other lucrative roles, leading to their permanent estrangement.   


One of the most influential films ever made, Kurosawa's thrilling epic adventure features stunning action sequences, memorable characters and an engrossing story of heroism and humanity. The tale of a poor village under attack by bandits and the seven Samurai employed to defend them has inspired countless Westerns, War, Heist and Caper films with its brilliant combination of action, social drama, comedy and adventure. The visual and emotional power of Kurosawa's masterpiece has made it a firm favourite of successive generations of filmgoers, film makers and critics. Don't miss the opportunity to see and discover this timeless classic on the big screen!

Made in 1954, this is perhaps Kurosawa's most famous film. It was a blockbuster in every sense, being the most expensive Japanese film ever made (after Kurosawa insisted on shooting everything on location) and running to almost four hours in length. It's a period film (or jidaigeki) conceived on an epic scale, pitting Takashi Shimura's wise, zen-like leader against the wildcat intensity of Toshiro Mifune's son-of-a-farmer samurai. Along with five other swords-for-hire (of mixed ability), they are employed by farmers to protect their village from raiding bandits. What follows is pure cinematic dynamite.

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