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Anyone with a passion for cinema's past will delight in this romantic triangle set in Turin's landmark Mole Antonelliana - home of the Museum of Cinema. Martino (Giorgio Pasotti) is the timid museum caretaker who offers sanctuary to sassy fast-food worker Amanda (Francesca Inaudi) after she pours boiling fat on her boorish boss. Inaudi may be seduced by this repository of vintage exhibits and the clips from the Lumière-era shorts, but viewers may be somewhat underwhelmed by the Jules et Jim-style melodrama involving her boyfriend, lustful car thief Fabio Troiano. There's definitely a shortage of chemistry between Inaudi and Pasotti, whose Buster Keaton-like inscrutability soon loses its appeal. But director Davide Ferrario makes atmospheric use of his surroundings and achieves some splendid digital-video effects that not only evoke the innocence of silent cinema, but also challenge modern-day movie-making's obsession with empty spectacle.

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