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Every monster needs a mate! Dr Frankenstein and his monster are very much alive this all-time Horror classic starring the iconic Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester as the bride and the most electric hairdo in cinema history!

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Audience comments:

Cool! / Good event / Amused amazement / Good fun! / Brilliant! / Thrilling! / Awesome. / Fantastic / Most enjoyable- good to be able to see classic movies on the big screen. / Volume too quiet on Bride of Frankenstein- Originally was going to book 5 film pass on the phone but it was going to be charged a separate booking fee for each film which I thought was unreasonable. / Great to see on the big screen


When Chicago crime boss Big Louis Costello is murdered, Johnny Lovo becomes head of the mob with ruthless hitman Tony Camonte as his second in command. Tony soon becomes a loose cannon, ignoring orders from the boss, stirring up trouble with a rival gang and getting rid of anyone who stands in his way. Based on the rise and fall of notorious prohibition-era mobster, Al Capone and inspiring Brian De Palma's 1983 film of the same name, which starred Al Pacino, Hawks' Scarface is a bonafide gangster classic.

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