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Monday, 13 September 2021 at 18:00 & 20:15
Hitchcock...and the Others
  • Drama / Thriller
  • 1943 /1987
  • USA


Note: If you see this double bull on the same day as special ticket price of £10 for the two is available with under 26's paying only £8. This is valid for the whole of the Hitchcock and the Others season. Please note that this double bill is also being shown on Sunday 12th September.


Shadow of a Doubt (Director Alfred Hitchcock) 18:00hrs

Alfred Hitchcock has exploited our fear of heights and made us afraid to take a shower, but in his own personal favourite film he was at his most manipulative, making us afraid of our own family.

Young Charlie (played by Teresa Wright) lives with her "average American family" in the small town of Santa Rosa. The type of place where people leave their front doors unlocked and everyone knows everyone. Life is pretty quiet but excitement arrives when successful, enigmatic relative Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) comes to stay.......

 No Way Out (Director Roger Donaldson)  20:15 hrs

Navy officer Tom Farrell (Kevin Costner) is to report to the secretary of defence, David Brice (Gene Hackman one of the greatest of all actors), at the Pentagon. But, his brief affair with Susan Atwell (Sean Young), Brice's mistress, lands him in deep trouble when she is found dead.



Alfred Hitchcock / Roger Donaldson