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Oldboy is a 2003 South Korean neo-noir action thriller film co-written and directed by the acclaimed film director Park Chan-wook. The film follows the story of Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik), who is imprisoned in a cell which resembles a hotel room for 15 years without knowing the identity of his captor or his captor's motives. When he is finally released, Dae-su finds himself still trapped in a web of conspiracy and violence. His own quest for vengeance becomes tied in with romance when he falls in love with an attractive young sushi chef. The film won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and has been well received, with film critic Roger Ebert stating that Oldboy is a "powerful film not because of what it depicts, but because of the depths of the human heart which it strips bare". It has been listed among the best world films of the 2000s in several publications.