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Tuesday, 14 June 2022 at 8.15pm
Viva the arts
  • Comedy, Drama, Musical
  • 1955
  • France/Italy
  • Colour
  • 102 mins.
Jean Renoir’s sparkling cinematic tribute to the stage.

Hoping to keep his financially unstable cafe in business, Henri (Jean Gabin) takes a trip to Monmartre, where he witnesses local dancers performing the can-can, a provocative dance that has fallen out of favor in the rest of France. He decides to bring the can-can back to his café, but the former star of Henri's establishment sets out to sabotage the operation. 

Jean Renoir's exuberant paean about the opening of the Moulin Rouge, an ode to the theatre of La Belle Epoque and a record of a vivid past, set at the time of Jean's father, the painter Auguste Renoir. One of the most youthful films made by someone over sixty. It is ostensibly about theatre, but its photography, its colour scheme, is really a celebration of his father's art. Jean Gabin, monstre sacreģ of French cinema, plays the founder and impresario of the most famous cabaret in Paris. And then there are the dancers, of course......


Jean Renoir


Jean Gabin Françoise Arnoul María Félix

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