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Tuesday, 05 March 2019 at TBC
Feast for the Eyes
  • Documentary
  • 2015
  • China
  • Colour
  • 85 mins.

The dehumanising impact of coal mining is laid bare in a Chinese documentary whose stunning images speak louder than words. Travelling around the vast, verdant steppes of Mongolia, the film-maker discovers a paradise soon to be lost to the open cast coal mining that devours the land. Director Zhao Liang juxtaposes the two worlds in arresting single shots: the frame is divided between the lush grassland that still – just – supports a nomadic community with the ugly grey scars that used to be mountains. The extraordinary photography is all the more remarkable given that Zhao shot much of it guerrilla style. Zhao, who shot the film as well as directed it, has an incredible eye, which was honed by his training and early career as a photographer. Zhao’s fly-on-the-wall technique lets the image, rather than the people, do the talking.


Zhao Liang

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